What News-Cast.com can do for you!

news-cast.com is a multimedia communications vehicle combining the show-and-tell capability of television with the immediacy and global reach of the internet.

It takes communications to the next level by enabling users to provide their stakeholders and the public with on-demand information about their activities, services and programs in full-motion video with high quality sound. It's like television - only different. Most commonly referred to as web-casting (as opposed to conventional television broadcasting), news-cast.com enables the client to reach a precisely targeted audience, while avoiding the added costs associated with the "shotgun" approach typified by network or cable television. It also removes the logistics and cost hassles that have plagued "corporate video" for many years - those associated with the duplication, storage, shipping and tracking of video cassettes and CDs.

"Web-casting allows us to showcase an event, a team, or a program - like the upcoming CIS Men's Hockey Championships - in a cost-effective, ground breaking way; and allows us to exploit the popularity of our own website." - Maureen Sparks, Sports Information Director, UNB Varsity Reds Athletic Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it live?
It can be. Live web-casting certainly can be of enormous value in the right application. It tends to be more expensive, and for that reason should be employed primarily where there's a clear and present reason to do so. Its impact can be dramatic and positive. However, archived web-casting - where individual presentations are retrieved and viewed by users at their convenience - has the advantages of lower cost and accessibility, unhampered by the schedules of conventional television. Presentations can be stored and made available to viewers on-demand for extended periods of time.

Do I need to get a new website?
No. news-cast.com is designed to enhance your current website. We provide your organization with your own news-cast.com page with your organization's name so that you can link directly to your news-cast.com page(s) featuring your own multimedia presentation(s). This maintains the integrity of your organization's identity.

Who can we reach?
That's the beauty of it - you reach the audience you choose to reach and want to reach. Many will be referred from your existing website - others can be specifically e-mailed with the link. Unlike more traditional media, you're not buying "spill-over" viewers. As with websites in general, the more proactive you are in disseminating your website address and sending out notifications etc., the higher your website traffic and viewership. Web-casts have an "event" feel to them that enable you to update your stakeholders as to what's coming up next. They also allow you to give your sponsors and donors value-added publicity for their contribution.

Is this only for public access?
Your news-cast.com content does not have to be public, if you don't want it to be. You can also have full or partial private access through a secure passworded area - you control who sees what.

Are there drawbacks?
Not many. There are people who still don't have a computer, or perhaps have one but don't have internet access of sufficient quality to view video as intended. And the demographic of those who do is very desirable by whatever yardstick you choose to measure it. In the meantime, news-cast.com will reach a wider and wider audience as computer use and broadband access continues to spread.

Who provides the video production?
We do. We'll work with you to create customized, cost effective presentations so that you can maximize the potential of this new medium.